Whilst we’re designing and building ponds, natural rock waterfalls and other water features for our customers, many of them ask us to renovate their entire garden in the process.

We offer a full landscaping service that includes patios, decking, fencing and bespoke garden design, catering for everything from contemporary arrangements to delightful cottage garden aesthetics.

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Transform your green space

Whether it’s for your private property or an outdoor commercial environment, we have a wealth of experience in bringing tired spaces back to life. Our specialists have worked on everything from small gardens all the way to large courtyards and enormous estates, so you can rest assured that Carter’s Ponds and Landscapes is the right choice no matter what your vision and requirements.

Upgrade your lifestyle with a premium patio

A patio is perfect for all kinds of activities, such as a quiet spot for reading and sunbathing, a safe place for the kids and pets to play, and an ideal area for get-togethers, parties and barbecues. If you’d like a bespoke patio installing or an existing one enhancing to suit your needs, get in touch with us today.

We are landscaping experts

We can design in any style and to all requirements.

Choose decking for a natural feel

Top quality decking is extremely popular these days, as many people consider it an extension of their living space. Ideal for dining, entertaining, quiet time and family activities, it’s a very attractive addition to any garden.

Decking can even be designed to create a new dimension in your green space through elevated or split level decks, which are also useful for designating specific areas, such as seating, vegetable pots, ornaments and so on. Due to the nature of its construction, decking can also hide unsightly necessities such as drains, effectively blending beauty with functionality.

By choosing our versatile and environmentally friendly decking solutions, you’ll add a warm and comfortable ambience to your garden that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Want some extra greenery?

As well as supplying and installing a range of gravels and natural rocks, we can lay high-quality turf that’s soft and bouncy yet extremely durable.

Turf isn’t just attractive and welcoming, it’s also great for your local ecosystem due to it being an excellent oxygenator, a natural air conditioner, an effective pollution trapper, and a filter for dust and excess water.

Thanks to it being vibrant and charming, incorporating turf into your garden will most likely increase the value of your property too, making it a popular choice for all types of homes.

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