Ponds and Waterfalls

Adding a pond to your garden or commercial premises will thoroughly transform the surroundings, creating an eye-catching focal point whilst bringing your green space together.

Ponds, natural rock waterfalls and other water features can be designed as living environments that provide a small ecosystem for local wildlife, simultaneously treating people to a tranquil setting that can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Ponds and water features

Popular with gardeners for decades, today’s ponds and water features can be built from a variety of natural materials, as well as pre-formed plastic and fibreglass pools that offer excellent durability. Choose from marble, oak barrels, stainless steel columns and spheres, mill stones and many more stylish options, with our experts also more than happy to source new and reclaimed materials to suit any bespoke project.

If you choose a larger, bespoke pond project, we recommend a high-quality liner that will allow us to create the specific shape you require, no matter how imaginative. Ponds can be built at ground level, raised and glass-fronted, giving the option of either merging into their surroundings or really standing out in a way that you’ll love.

For those who have large areas of land, we can even design and build lakes, which is project type that will greatly benefit from the skill and ingenuity of Carter’s Ponds and Landscapes.

Bespoke ponds, water features and lakes

We can design and build anything you can imagine.

We upgrade and repair existing ponds

If you already have a pond but it’s seen better days or wasn’t built to last, or even if it’s just not as impressive as you’d like it to be, contact Carter’s Ponds and Landscapes today. No matter what its design and size, we can renovate it and make any necessary repairs, or even redesign it so that it becomes a true asset to your garden or business premises.

We also provide maintenance and cleaning contracts for residential and commercial customers, resulting in zero maintenance on your part and a water feature that looks incredible all year round.

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